Pre-Woven Rattan Matting , Chair Repair & cabinet Doors
Pre- Woven Cane "Pressed Cane" Spline & Wedges
Pre-Woven Cane Webbing
Cane webbing has been in use in furniture manufacture for about 100 years."   Pre-woven or "pressed cane" as it is most often called is a very versatile material.  It is used in chair seats and backs, cabinet doors, wall units, radiator covers, accent panels for service counters, screens, room dividers, speaker covers, and wicker furniture. 

Check out our selection of 2 dozen different pre woven patterns.  We will install this material for you or sell it to you so you can do your own work.  Most of the patterns are sold by the inch.  Full and half roll price available.  Click on each picture to see available widths and stock.

To determine the amount of cane you need for chairs measure from the edges of the grooves on the chair. Front to back, and Side to side.  Add 2" to each measurement.  It is best for you to send us a piece of your old spline.  (the reed that holds the cane in the groove).  For other projects add 2" from where the cane is attached.

"Stock" items shipped same day. "By Order" items can be filled quickly (1 week to 10 days).  WHEN E-MAILING YOUR ORDER DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. 

New Feature:

We have a nice slide show available on with examples of pressed cane.  If you computer or connection is slow it takes a long time to load.  If you do want to see it be patient.  when it loads, it is great.

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